Little Flame

Ever watched a flame in a candle? It seems almost…..fragile. As if any small misplaced breath could snuff it out. You fear that each exhale will end it. But it doesn’t. You blow, but all you accomplish is making that small flame dance. It takes a precise breath, dragged from your lungs and aimed at that flame to snuff it out. But still, it does not go easily. It leaves behind its essence to resonate in the smoky trail left floating, and in the charred area where it once stood. It won’t be forgotten.

Little flame, dancing in a hurricane

keep living

The found weight of a frozen fate

it means nothing

Hunter winds and thunder calls

they keep coming

Secret dreams, begging for a safe abode

cry louder

Tiny heart, with burdened weight

keep pumping

Take a breath, of gentle air

keep breathing

Silence of the Night

Light the fire, and listen close. Are you ready? Then let’s go.

If only my words could flow as freely

as the breeze that passed me by

This night that fairy tales were born in

spoke so truly in its silence

With its passages of star-dust

 and a wind stirred by the will of God

 Who am I to bring my language

and try to translate all these phrases

That have been written in the secrets of the stars

I am a speck in the eye of giants

Wondering with awe in the silence of the night


Welcome to the Corner Chair

Picture this. A hearth, blackened with use. A flame, looking almost silken, licking at the logs. Close your eyes and smell the sweet aroma of the smoke rising through the chimney. Listen to the crackling of the flames as they consume the wooden logs. And there you sit, upon the corner chair, ready to let your mind go. To journey with me wherever these words will take us. Take a deep breath, we’ll soon take flight.