What A Shame

I have another tale to tell you. It’s quite sad, but all stories can’t be sunshine. So stoke the fire and accommodate yourself, and we’ll get started.


They left him by the wayside, frozen in stone

They said his heart couldn’t beat anymore

They shed their crocodile tears, and left him still

Then they went home

He was honest, he was brave, he was loved

That is, ’til the end

Such a Tragedy they cried, as they forgot his name

Such a full life he lived, some would say

Yet non of them new him, for how could they?

They spent all their time worried about their dimes

 And barely looked up to mourn a life that was not their own

 By tomorrow they’ll forget the clothes he’d worn 

And they’ll say ‘what a shame, it seems I’ve forgotten his name’


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