Generations of Dust

It’s a nice evening. I’m glad we could meet again. It can be a sad thing, watching the day end. Brings to mind thoughts of mortality. But I don’t fear death, just a meaningless life. Though I’ve found meaning, I’m still learning. It’s a lifelong endeavor, this quest for knowledge. And I pray to God that in the end someone will take the small amount of wisdom I gathered, and add to their own.


I saw the generations riding

On a slow trek through time

I watched from a distance, as the space between them drifted

further apart

And the generations of old disappeared on the wind

With a howl they reminded those still there

of the things that had been

And then in silence they laid

On this never-ending plain

Their parcel of time, now laid to rest

I shed a tear for them

For it seemed no one else cared to mourn their end

So caught up in all the footprints they could make

For those following in their wake

And forgetting the trail they walked hadn’t always been made

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