To Fly A Million Miles In A Day

She dreams of flying. Especially on cool evenings when the breeze seems almost silken, stroking the world with gentle hands. But don’t all have this wish? To take up to the heavens and feel a clouded sky. Like the birds that glide so free.


To fly a million miles in a day

How hard could it be?

If my soul led the way, with its wings flowing free


But she can’t. She is bound to this ground. Oh, it’s not so bad, most days it doesn’t matter. She lives with love and barely has had a passing acquaintance with hate, it’s a good life. But on a rare day, when the breeze is just right, and the birds are having their say, she feels it. The want. She looks around, and it hits her, there is more. More blue, and green, and every color in this world. And she could see it. If she could fly.


To leave behind this desolate place

As I search for an everlasting grace

How hard would it be to let go of this lonely heart

And forget the weights that tether me to the dirt

With all that’s inside me begging to fly above this earth


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