My dream is old, it’s been used before

It’s not a path never taken, with leaves strewn across its floor

It’s a well-worn trail of a want to change the world

For I dream to change the world,

but so do many others

Now the way I go about it,

that’s a different matter

In money, I have none to give

In knowledge, I have still to soak

In courage, I have not been tried

But in want, I am overflowing

For I want to do many good things

I want to lead armies with valor

I want to fly in a sky so blue

And to touch a star in a night of scattered lights

I want to be strong and outspoken

I want truth engaged and lies broken

I want to spit fire and walk in strength

But these are just wants, part of my dream

I tell people none of these things

What do you wish to be? oh they speak so free

As if this were easy for me

with a smile they ask of my inner heart

My secrets, my wished, my hidden desires

So with a smile I answer

My wish? My wish you ask? Well of course,

I wish to change the world.

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